Matt Damon was interviewed at the Save our Schools (SOS) march in Washington D.C. last weekend by Libertarian Web site When questioned by a reporter on why he works hard, the actor rushed to defend himself, as well as America's educators.

The reporter -- as well as the camera man, who joined in the questioning thereby breaking with the standard practices of journalism -- asked Damon about what makes him work hard as an actor, implying that teachers only work hard when they are afraid of losing their job.

The reporter tries to catch Damon off guard, but the Oscar winning writer and college drop-out takes only a second-long pause before launching into a well-worded argument against the reporter's view point.

Damon questions if the reporter and cameraman believe that teachers only do their jobs for the money, not because they love the profession. View the video below.

Last week, thousands of public school teachers gathered in the capital to protest the Obama administration’s education policy. Satellite protests occurred in California, Colorado, Oklahoma and Wisconsin as well.

CAUTION: This video contains adult language.