The Dallas Mavericks beat the Miami Heat 105-95 to win the  NBA Finals in six games over the Miami Heat, and deliver the team's first NBA Title.

Following the win, Mavericks' guard DeShawn Stevenson had some choice words for the Miami Heat and Lebron James.

Stevenson told, It makes me feel good, man, to beat him, to beat that Miami team.

In saying him, Stevenson is presumably referring to James, who Stevenson has a long standing fued. 

Stevenson continued, The way they act, the way they treated Dirk, all the things that they said were very classless. To win on the court the way we did it, it was wonderful.

Stevenson's remarks come after he claimed James and Wade were great, great actors for their foul call theatrics and that James checked out of Game 4 as the Mavericks won a pivotal game, despite an illness by Dirk Nowitzki.

In fact, the fued between the two players dates back to a 2008 series between the Washington Wizards and Cavaliers.  A Wizards player at the time, Stevenson called James overrated.

The players then proceeded to use rap artists to continue their feud with Stevenson reaching out to Soulja Boy and James reaching out to Jay-Z. 

James struggled throughout the NBA Finals averaging only nearly 9 points a game lower than his season average.

James also failed to deliver when it counted the most with only 11 points in the fourth quarter of each of the first five games and only 7 points in the fourth quarter of Game 6.  James also had a team low -24 in +/- for Game 6, showing that James was perhaps the primary reason why the team lost the final game.