Extra onions and ketchup in two McDonald's cheeseburgers resulted in two angry men heavily vandalizing a Tennessee branch of the restaurant. 

Christopher Slate, 21, and Sean Mosey, 23, were infuriated when they ordered two McDonald's cheeseburgers without onions and ketchup and then were given burgers with extra portions of both, according to the Inquister. 

The duo purchased the burgers from a drive-thru and then went home where they drunk a little, only to wind themselves up even more and come back throwing bricks at the restaurant, Webpronews.com reported. 

One brick thrown through the glass at the drive-thru cut an employees arm and another piece of concrete that was hurled through the glass cut the manager's leg, according to a Murfreesboro Police Department report. 

 Slate and Mosey were arrested immediately, while trying to flee the scene of the incident. They told the police that they were angry because their cheeseburgers had been messed up. The pair now face charges of reckless endangerment, vandalism and public intoxication. 

Slate and Mosey have been freed on bond and will be appearing at the Rutherford County General Session Court on July 10, according to the Smoking Gun. 

It's been a rough week for McDonald's. Last week, a Reedit user reported that McDonald's served him up a hash brown with a cooked roach inside it. 

The user posted a photo of the hash brown on Reddit and underneath it he wrote: I was eating a hash brown from McDonald's on the way home when I felt something on the bottom... I first thought it was purple lettuce until I turned the light on. I swear, I nearly dropped the thing when I saw what it was. It was a nasty surprise.

Reddit user  LinkBoyJT claims he took the hash brown back to the restaurant to get a free one in exchange and said the manager did not seem at all concerned by the issue. 

McDonald's is yet to make an official comment about the alleged incident.