Move over, Michelle Jenneke. U.S. Winter Olympian Kate Hansen is the latest athlete to rocket to Internet stardom due to her pre-race warm-up routine.

In 2012, Jenneke, an Australian hurdler, became an overnight sensation after her pre-race dance routine went viral. Now, Hansen, a member of the U.S. luge team at the Sochi Winter Olympics, appears to be following in her footsteps.

In the moments before her second run for Monday’s luge event, NBC showed footage from Hansen’s warm-up routine. The 21-year-old puts on a pair of headphones and shows off her dance moves. Deadspin captured footage of her dancing routine, which can be viewed below.

Hansen’s dance drew the ire of NBC commentator Duncan Kennedy, who stated his belief that the luger should stick to a “sports specific” warm-up.

“I would like to see something a little more sports specific from her,” Kennedy said, via For The Win. “What you see out of the top runners, the really heavy hitters, is they’re working those start muscles, they’re working the low back, they’re working the arms and the shoulders and getting the power out of them. Because the start has to be a powerful, explosive moment. And while [Hansen’s dancing] might be a very good, general warm-up, I’m not sure it gets the job done for medical contention.”

But Kennedy’s colleague, NBC reporter Lewis Johnson, seemed to embrace Hansen’s antics. After the run, he asked the Olympian about her favorite pre-race music. “Strictly Beyonce,” Hansen said, via For The Win. “My girl B -- she just gets my fierce and I get stoked. I just have to. I have good mojo going on. It’s just how I roll. [...] I’m in my own world and it doesn’t matter who’s staring, I’m still gonna dance.”

She also agreed to demonstrate her dance moves one more time, as long as Johnson was willing to drop a beat. The NBC reporter was happy to comply.

[h/t Barstool Sports Chicago]