“Metal Gear Survive” and its first trailer debuted during Gamescom this week, and it’s clear Konami’s next project isn’t exactly loved by gamers. Here’s why “Metal Gear Survive” embodies a version of “Metal Gear” that nobody wants.

1) It’s Purely Multiplayer: “Metal Gear” has obviously dabbled in multiplayer elements before, but “Metal Gear Survive” represents an entirely different integration strategy than we’ve seen from Konami in the past. This isn’t multiplayer being used to compliment stellar single-player gameplay. Instead, the whole thing appears to be a co-op affair.

Most of “Metal Gear’s” defining moments happen when Big Boss takes matters into his own hands. He gets occasional help from companions along the way, but this has almost always been a franchise focused on one-man wrecking crews. Making an entirely multiplayer spinoff distorts some of the series’ successful DNA.

2) Zombies: Zombies have invaded popular culture far beyond the point of critical mass, and hardcore gamers are definitely starting to feel a bit fatigued on anything that concerns the undead. Given that the “Metal Gear” franchise just lost its creator a year ago, why in the world would Konami think it’s a good idea to replace Kojima’s mechanized warriors with monsters?

Simply put, zombies have no place in “Metal Gear,” and it’s not hard to perceive their inclusion in “Survive” as an obvious attempt to cash in on a tired, zeitgeist item. It’s just too far a departure from what we know.

3) No Story, No Boss: Hideo Kojima made “Metal Gear” into the juggernaut that it is by creating one of the first modern game franchises with a mature narrative. Its plot threads may be borderline incomprehensible at times, but there’s so much artistic intent sprinkled throughout the action that it’s hard not to be captivated by it.

Instead of working with that pedigree, “Metal Gear Survive” takes place on an alternate timeline that doesn’t even involve Big Boss or Miller. They have apparently escaped to begin the events of “Metal Gear Solid V.” Even if there is a narrative element to this experience, it’s not going to matter. Ergo, there’s little to no imperative for franchise enthusiasts to care about it at all. Konami may be a bit scared to truly change what Kojima has already made, and that trepidation screams of a lukewarm product.

4) It’s An Obviously Budget Title: The “Metal Gear” name has become synonymous in gamers minds with a sense of grandeur that only Hideo Kojima can convey. Each significant entry took the better half of a decade to develop, but there was generally an expectation that what emerged from those toils would be a fantastic, polished product. Even during its darkest days, impressions of “Metal Gear Solid V” were top-notch.

That being said, it makes little sense to follow up that massive venture with an obviously budget spinoff. Its lesser standing can be confirmed solely by “Survive’s” short development cycle. There’s simply no way that Konami can spit out a truly worthy product when it’s revealing something less than a year from the launch of its predecessor. A 2017 arrival suggests that Konami has flipped as many “Metal Gear Solid V” assets as possible just to make something quickly.

While price isn’t necessarily indicative of quality, it’s also worth noting that “Metal Gear Survive” is expected to retail for about $30. That low-tier cost alone cheapens the premium feel that this franchise has established.

5) Kojima Doesn’t Want It: Hideo Kojima has been the mastermind behind “Metal Gear” for a very long time. When “Metal Gear Survive” doesn’t earn the man’s blessing, people are going to put a lot of faith in that judgment. Just hours after the Gamescom trailer debuted, Kojima snarkily tweeted Konami to “stop” ruining his work.

With the Kojima Productions fiasco finally over, the people have chosen a side. Gamers at large will support Hideo, and that might mean bashing any “Metal Gear” product that doesn’t earn his seal of approval. If the “Metal Gear” creator doesn’t even want “Survive,” why should we care about it?

“Metal Gear Survive” is expected for release on PS4, Xbox One and PC in 2017.

What did you think of the “Metal Gear Survive” trailer? Are you willing to give this game a fair shake? Tell us in the comments section!