Outspoken broadcaster and former NBA All-Star Charles Barkley heard it from Miami Heat fans after Game Four of the NBA Eastern Conference Finals.

They were harsh against Barkley after Game Three, but that was outside. This time the TNT broadcasting crew was inside American Airlines Arena, probably to avoid another t-shirt thrown at Barkley.

With the Heat having the victory basically sealed over Chicago in overtime, fans chanted Barkley S****!

Don't make me come down there, Barkley barked back at the fans after Game Three when the shirt was thrown at him, saying it with a degree of jest.

Some Miami fans feel that Barkley has been too harsh on the Heat, at one point calling the team whiners.

Even Dwyane Wade, who has been featured with Barkley in numerous television advertisements, has spoken out about Barkley's criticism of the club.

Some of Barkley's critiques have involved the Heat story where the players were seen crying after a regular season loss.