The Miami Heat's new uniforms have created a buzz in the latest NBA media events-so much so, that fans are wondering if the new look


The Heat's new all-black alternate uniform. (Phot:

will propel the Heat to finally win the NBA title it came so close to achieving last season. If anything has propelled, however, it's the talk that has surfaced of the new look making LeBron James and the rest of his crew look more like a squad of villains who have turned over to the dark side.

Of course, fans of the Heat and basketball in general took to Twitter once they heard of the new alternate uniform. One user wrote, The Alternate Miami Heat Uniforms look hard this year. I wonder if they gone wear em on Christmas day, while another said, The miami heat alt uniforms are boring an plain.

Whether or not you like the jersey, it's here to stay for at least this season. And, if sales of the jersey reap a profit for the NBA, then it will be here to stay even longer.

The Heat's jersey isn't the only one that has drawn mixed reactions. Check out some other jerseys from across the four major sports that have had and may still be having people scratching their heads.