When LeBron James and Chris Bosh joined Dwyane Wade in Miami two summers ago, the Big Three vowed to win multiple titles.

After a rocky first season, the Heat have one championship under their belt, and are looking to win several more.

According to sportsbook.com, the Heat are already favorites to win the 2013 NBA Finals. The site has set the odds of Miami repeating as champions at plus 250. They are tied with Oklahoma City as the most likely candidates to take home the title next season.

Winning back-to-back titles is difficult, in any sport, but the Heat can certainly do it next year.

As long as James, Wade and Bosh are with Miami, they will always be the most talented team in the league. James is the best player in the NBA, winning three of the last four MVP's, and shows no signs of slowing down. He had arguably his best season in 2011-2012 and completed one of the best individual postseasons in league history.

Wade struggled at times this year, but was still one of the best players in basketball. He averaged 22.1 points per game on 50 percent shooting during the year, and increased his scoring average during the playoffs.

Much of Wade's inconsistencies can be attributed to injuries. He missed 17 regular season games and seemed to be affected by the condensed schedule that was made because of the lockout.

In an 82-game season, where the Heat will have more off days in between games, Wade should be much closer to his old self next season. He's only 30 years old, and should still be a top 10 player in the NBA for the next several years.

Besides James and Wade, Bosh was integral in helping the Big Three win title number one. He played excellent defense in the playoffs, and proved to be one of the five best players in the NBA Finals.

Miami is so talented at the top of their roster, that it's hard to envision them not at least making it to the Finals again next season.

The Bulls, who have been their biggest competition in the past two years, haven't proven they can get the job done in the playoffs. Derrick Rose may be the best point guard in the league, but Chicago hasn't put enough pieces around him to make them a legitimate title contender.

The Celtics came the closest to stopping the Heat this season, but they could look like a very different team a year from now. Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen are both free agents, and even if they do re-sign with Boston, they'll be a part of one of the league's oldest teams. Miami is too young and athletic them.

Indiana has a bright future, but they are without a bona fide superstar. The Knicks have a few All-Stars, but have yet to prove they can compete with the best teams in the East.

Perhaps the only way that Miami won't win a title next year is if they lose in the Finals.

The Thunder, Spurs and Lakers would all be formidable opponents for the Heat. However, Miami has proven that they can handle Oklahoma City. Los Angeles and San Antonio were two of the West's best, but Miami is still a step ahead of both.

The Heat not only have a good chance of repeating next year, but they might win the next several championships.  James, Wade and Bosh are all under contract for the next four years.

The next great NBA dynasty may very well have been started the night the Heat won the Finals.