There is a car chase footage doing the rounds of YouTube from the film, The Island, which fans claim has been recycled in the latest Michael Bay directed Transformers: Dark Of The Moon. Incidentally, The Island is another Bay directed movie.

The latest Transformers has had a good opening at the box office with the Friday returns adding up to $36 million . In the four days since its release on Tuesday, the movie has raked in a total of $98 million. In comparison, Bay’s second Transformer movie ‘Revenge Of The Fallen’ grossed in $168 million by the end of the fourth day of release, reports Hollywood Reporter.

The Island was a thriller made in 2005 which was a flop. Most reports claim that the chase has been recycled twice in the movie. There has been no response to the claims by either Michael Bay or Paramount Pictures

Transformer 3 has got mixed reviews by critics, some call it the best of the trilogy with a clear cut storyline. Another critics claims the movie has got the best and worst features of a Michael Bay movie.

There are many detractors of Michael Bay who say that his movies are about big BOOMS, sequels, plot holes and continuity gaffes. In short, they are repetitive and formulaic. This footage may just lend weight to this claim.

There is another end to this spectrum where he is hailed as one of the most influential directors of the last 15 years. He brought back action and horror into vogue. His films, Bad Boys, The Rock and Armageddon brought a new meaning to the careers of Will Smith, Nicolas Cage and to some extend Bruce Willis.

His take on the The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, saw a rejuvenation of the horror genre. It is believed he is looking into a remake of  The Birds and Friday The 13th.

How far this controversy will generate a renewed interest in the movie, only box office numbers by the end of the week will decide.