Prosecution attorneys at Michael Jackson's former doctor's manslaughter trial revealed an upsetting autopsy photo of a naked King of Pop Tuesday, as a doctor testified that Jackson's cause of death was homicide -- not accidental suicide, as Murray's defense has claimed.

Dr. Christopher Rogers, who performed Jackson's autopsy, testified before jurors that Jackson alone was not responsible for his death, according to Reuters.

The circumstances from my point of view do not support self-administration of propofol, Rogers reportedly said, explaining that Jackson would not have had time to self-administer the potent anesthetic and suffer respiratory arrest in the short time Murray claimed to have been away from Jackson.

Rogers also said that the level of propofol present in Jackson's blood indicated a dosage higher than the 25 milligrams Murray told police he administered his patient. Under questioning, Rogers later conceded that Jackson could have reached an IV injection site just below his knee.


According to a report on Today, the Jackson's naked autopsy photo was displayed to the jury as the courtroom listened to audio of Murray's initial police interrogation. One person in the courtroom reportedly ran out in tears after being upset by the photo.

MSNBC provided a transcript of the audio presented in court. During the interrogation, Murray spoke of Jackson's drug use and the reaction of his children upon hearing their father had died.

After they cried and cried and cried, then his daughter uttered a lot of words of unhappiness, Murray was heard saying. You know, she will live alone without her dad and she didn't want to be an orphan, and she asked me, 'Dr. murray , you said you save a lot of patients, you know, you save people with heart attacks and you couldn't save my dad? You know, I will wake up in the morning and won't be able to see my daddy.

After being told by police that drugs other than those Murray was prescribing were found in Jackson's home, he said, Surprise, surprise.

Murray insisted that he was not aware of any other medications Jackson was taking, adding that he had heard the pop star visited someone by the name of Dr. Klein three times a week. Dr. Klein is reportedly a dermatologist.

Murray reportedly was asked about a number of drugs found in the home, including Valisone (which is typically used to treat skin conditions) and marijuana.

We found a small portion of marijuana in his room. Did you know him to be a smoker? an investigator was heard asking Murray.

No, but he used excessive cologne, Murray responded.

Prosecution is expected to rest by the end of the week.

Warning: Video contains graphic imagery.