When news broke Thursday that Michael Jordan's son Marcus had been fined for disturbing the peace, it raised the question of whether Marcus, who is 21, inherited his father's bad traits. CBS News reports that young Jordan pleaded no contest to disturbing the peace, and although he went to police headquarters to apologize, the behavior could be part of a wider pattern that has been passed down from one Jordan generation to the next.

Marcus Jordan was arrested last month in Omaha, Neb., after he was drunkenly arguing with two women. Police tried to subdue Jordan and claimed he was loudly yelling at the women outside a hotel. He was originally charged with obstructing a police officer as well, although that charge was dropped in a plea agreement.

It's not the first time Marcus -- who at 21 is still just a college kid -- has caused a stir. Earlier this year Jordan accidentally tweeted porn star Rachel Roxxx what was intended to be a direct message. It was quickly deleted, but the message implied that Jordan had previously paid the adult film actress for sex and seemed to be looking for more action.

You can read a screen shot of the tweet Michael Jordan's son sent at BlackSportsOnline.com.

The New York Daily News reported earlier this week that Marcus Jordan would not be returning next season to the University of Central Florida basketball team he played on. Jordan had averaged 13.7 points and 2.4 assists on the basketball court as a junior but told the team he would be looking into other interests in his life. Marcus Jordan is thought to be pursuing a career in business.

If so, it would be an area his father can help him with. Since retiring as one of the NBA's all-time greatest players, Michael Jordan stayed involved with the league through ownership. Along with his success with the Chicago Bulls, Jordan has also been praised for his business sense, which contributed to the success of Nike's "Air Jordan" shoe line.

It hasn't all been good for MJ, though, and at the height of his career he walked away from basketball for a year. He's maintained that the temporary retirement was caused by the murder of his father and the soul-searching that naturally follows such an event. However, there have always been rumors that Jordan stepped away from the game because of a debilitating gambling addiction and some of the more salacious gossip speculated he'd fallen into trouble with the mob.

Jordan has also been rumored to be a serial adulterer. He and his wife divorced in 2006, and talk radio host Jim Rome implied that Tiger Woods used Jordan's exploits as a model for his own affairs. Jordan's son Marcus is not known to have engaged in any infidelity.