Microsoft's online store in India was hacked by a Chinese hacker group called EvilShadow team - 7z1&Ancker Monday morning.

According to WP Sauce, when the online store was hacked, the site had the picture of the Guy Fawkes mask. This picture is usually associated with the hacker group Anonymous which is known for its high profile hacks on major corporations and government organizations the world over. The latest high profile victims of Anonymous were Web sites that were associated with the CIA as well as U.N.

The database of the Microsoft Store India had been exploited and the passwords were saved in plain text. Soon the site was taken offline. As a precautionary measure, those who have the usernames and passwords linked with this Web site will have to change it immediately.

As some commentators have pointed out, it's worth noting that Microsoft Store India is not run by Microsoft. As the site's Terms of Use say, the store is owned and operated by an Indian company named Quasar Media, which has been appointed by Microsoft to own, maintain and operate the online store.

The store was still down at of the time of writing this.

Meanwhile, the Security and Exchange Board of India and some other government sites have been defaced by hackers from Bangladesh.