Microsoft live streamed its Thursday event from Gamescom 2013, where the company gave the gaming world some updates on various Xbox One games including "Battlefield 4," "Dead Rising 3" and more.

Microsoft said there have already been 4 million signups for "Battlefield 4 Premium." Microsoft also started a gamer-driven vote, letting Xbox 360 owners decide what new "Battlefield 4" feature they want to see revealed.

We also got some updates on "Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare." Players will be able to play as zombies in the "Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare" multiplayer mode. There will be four character classes to choose from.

Anyone who preorders "Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare" will get two free booster packs which include bonus costumes, and much more. The costumes will come with different variations of weapons as well.

"Dead Rising 3" news was also made. Using your smartphone or tablet, you can download the free SmartGlass app for "Dead Rising 3," which will give you access to free content, including maps, item and location markings and more. You can also use the "Dead Rising 3" SmartGlass app to call in airstrikes.

Microsoft revealed "Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag" features a Captain's Cabin, where you'll be able to upgrade your ship, access your fleet, make upgrades and more.

"Fable Anniversary" will feature 1080p graphics, a brand new lighting system, new achievements, multiple Easter Eggs and more. "Fable Anniversary" will also have its own SmartGlass app, which will feature a game map and more.

"Project Spark" will get a beta test which you can sign up for at The beta will begin later this year.

The Xbox One's Upload program will allow you to edit game clips that you want to share by letting you add your own audio commentary while watching the clip you want to share in real time. This seems to make it really easy to add your very own commentary track to your Xbox One gameplay clip.

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