Tired of playing second fiddle to Google's search dominance, Microsoft (MSFT) has rolled out out a redesign of Bing's video search tool that is better than Google (GOOG) and YouTube in every way. Here's why you might want to check out the new Bing tool for video search. 

1. Bing Uses The Entire Screen

When you look for videos on Bing, its new redesign shows large thumbnails for every video its pulls up, creating a mosaic out of its search results that uses up the entirety of the Web page. This gives users "an expanded view of the video," making it easy to choose the right result, Microsoft officials said in a blog post. Google and YouTube, by comparison, both shows results as small thumbnails that are displayed in a linear list, leaving the right side of the screen as blank, wasted space.

2. Bing Is Great For Music

Microsoft understands that users often search for music videos, and for those cases, it has programmed Bing to show users a so-called "Hero" video that appears as a much bigger thumbnail than the rest of the results. This helps users find the correct video, which they can begin playing right from Bing, without having to exit to YouTube or any other website. 


Google video search Unlike the improved Bing video search, Google shows its video search results as small thumbnails presented in linear fashion. Above, a screen shot of Google's video search results. Photo: Google 3. Bing Shows Related Searches

Bing is great if you're searching through an artist's music video catalog. If you search for Taylor Swift's "Bad Blood" music video, for example, Bing will also show you links to search results for some of her other songs and tunes from other artists, making it easy to quickly find more videos. Google and YouTube don't show releated search results.

4. Bing Is Optimized For Touchscreen Devices

Over the last few years, Microsoft has been making touchscreen computers and tablets a higher priority. That's why it decided to make the thumbnails for its video search results so big. If you're using a Surface tablet, iPad or any other touchscreen device and are looking for videos, Bing would appear to offer the best touchscreen experience. 


With this new Bing redesign, Microsoft really nails what video search should be, making it very easy for users to find what they need while improving their experience. Don't be shocked if Google rolls out a similar design for YouTube and its own video search results some time soon. 

YouTube Microsoft put YouTube to shame with a new layout for Bing video search results, which also show users links to related searches -- a feature YouTube doesn't have. Above, a screen shot of YouTube's search results page. Photo: YouTube