Mike D'Antoni is out as head coach of the New York Knicks, and the Knicks stars are not happy about it.

Mike Woodson is taking over in the interim, he will likely not be named head coach on a permanent basis.

The Knicks are in free fall and have lost six straight games, less than a month after they were featured on back-to-back Sports Illustrated covers at the height of Linsanity.

Just when things couldn't get much worse, it appears as if the departure has driven a wedge between members of the Knicks locker room and the owner James Dolan.

Dolan is blaming the coach, said a source with knowledge of the Knicks' locker-room dynamics told Yahoo's Adrian Wojnarowski. Tyson [Chandler], Baron [Davis], A'mare [Stoudemire] - guys who came to play for Mike - or that system - are pissed. [Jeremy] Lin isn't happy either.

The Knicks look like they are in big trouble and it will now take a herculean effort to them to reverse their current slide.

Woodson, who previously coached the Atlanta Hawks doesn't have the cachet to pull the different personalities on the team together. It will take a big name coach like Phil Jackson, or the return of Jeff Van Gundy to get the locker room back.