Mila Kunis will be joined by Friends With Benefits co-star Justin Timberlake at the Marine Corps Ball in November, schedule permitting.

After Kunis was asked to the Marine Corps ball by Sgt. Scott Moore, there was speculation as to whether the actress would go. Initially, Kunis said 'yes' to the invite, but reports began to circulate that she'd retracted her acceptance. However, at a recent press conference for her latest film, Friends With Benefits, Kunis set the record straight.

Kunis, 27, squashed rumors that she would not be attending the Marine Corps Ball with Moore. Never did I say that I was not going. ... I am attending. I'm going . . . I will be there, Kunis said after allegations that her schedule caused a conflict with the date.

After Moore asked Kunis to the Ball, Timberlake told Kunis she had to go, if not for her, for her country. Taking advantage of the opportunity which presented itself was Santis who via YouTube asked Timberlake to attend the event with her.

On Friday, Timberlake said that, schedule permitting, he'd attend the Ball with Santis. During a media event promoting Friends With Benefits, Timberlake stated, If my schedule works out to do it, I'd love to do it. It's an honor.

I don't get asked out ever, so I was very flattered by that.

In the video, Santis used the name of one of Timberlake's songs to persuade the singer. If you can't go, all I have to say is 'Cry Me a River.'

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