Qantas is now showing a movie called "The Female Orgasm Explained" as part of its in-flight entertainment package. The Australian airline will show the French documentary on a channel called "The Edge" during long flights.

The film comes with an Adult Content warning, of course, and flight attendants can block the channel on any seat.

"In general programs are selected according to quality of content, box office/ratings, topicality and Qantas customer demographics," Qantas said in a statement.

"With the Edge, we source programs that are out of the ordinary across all genres."

The film will run until November. "The Female Orgasm Explained" shows excerpts from old porn films, and curious passengers will want to make sure that their headphone volume is turned down low. The movie's soundtrack lives up to its title.

"I think sociologically it's interesting they are showing something that has the potential in that quite confined space to have people say 'Oh, what are you watching?' or shows that might be understood as titillating as porn," Catriona Eider, an associate professor at the Department of Sociology and Social Policy, Sydney University commented to Reuters.