It seems that Miley Cyrus still has not learned her lesson about how quickly amateur video of so-called private events can become national news.

The Daily obtained video of the singer's 19th birthday party last weekend, where guests -- led by a blue-haired Kelly Osbourne -- presented Miley with a Bob Marley cake at Beacher's Madhouse Club at the Roosevelt Hotel in Los Angeles, Calif.

You know you're a stoner when friends make you a Bob Marley cake, Cyrus clearly says via microphone. You know you smoke way too much f--kin' weed.

Here, Osbourne took the microphone to remind her friend about last year's pot salvia-smoking scandal: After video of Miley taking a bong hit went viral, Cyrus insisted she was not smoking weed but salvia, a legal herb that produces a psychedelic effect when smoked.

I thought salvia was your problem, Osbourne teased the birthday girl.

The Daily's source said that Miley's parents and boyfriend Liam Hemsworth were at the party.

Everyone in the room knows she’s a pothead,” the source told The Daily. Maybe that explains why Cyrus was apparently three hours late?