Miley Cyrus is the target of accusations of a sex tape on Twitter, this time from a Web site which claims it's the real deal though it's malicious malware featuring a Hannah Montana look-a-like.

News erupted on Twitter on Tuesday of a tape that leaked online featuring Miley Cyrus, now proven to be a fake, with a link to a video of look-a-like.

According to Gather, the link which was heavily circulated on the Web on Tuesday and created quite a buzz, actually causes users to be hacked, with a virus alert that appears upon clicking. If virus protection is in place, a video is shown of a woman who possibly looks like Cyrus, but definitely is not her.

The 18-year-old former star of Disney's Hannah Montana has not acknowledged the rumor, though word of a sex tape continues to spread on Twitter at an unimaginable rate.

Miley Cyrus is no stranger to these rumors, as one circulated last year, as the star turned 18.

Also, just last week, scandalous photos surfaced, according to the Huffington Post, of Cyrus sprawled on a bed in lingerie and red heels, which was actually a still shot from her 2010 music video Who Owns My Heart. The photo came amidst a clamor of leaked photos of Scarlett Johansson and Mila Kunis.

Cyrus was also quoted in an interview with Asia's Prestige magazine earlier this month regarding her public image, which has quite a tarnished patina since her days as a Disney star.

People have very mixed opinions on me, Cyrus told Prestige. I'm a great model, or I'm completely inappropriate for anyone under 13 and I'm very controversial. I don't know how I became this.

I'm not some crazy lady who's gone off the deep end, because I definitely haven't, she said. Every 18-year-old explores sexuality and experiments and tries things. For me there's no reason to change that.

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