Country singer Miranda Lambert is spreading her love of animals and shared the Tuesday afternoon she spent with her beloved horses on Instagram.

Lambert took to Instagram Tuesday to share a picture of herself in full riding gear, atop a horse and hugging its neck, E!News reported.  The “Over You” singer captioned the photo, "Sophie hugs. Nothin' better!  #Sofa #Gypsyvanners #Unicornsforever." The country singer posted the picture several weeks after she and ex-husband Blake Shelton announced their split. It seems the hug Lambert bestowed on her beloved horse, Sophie, may be one of her ways to mend her broken heart. 

The singer has always loved animals and founded the MuttNation Foundation with her mother. In a recent interview with Horse Channel, Lambert showed off her growing menagerie. The singer has adopted a number of dogs, one from the Humane Society of East Texas, and several others that were abandoned on the roadside or found at a restaurant. She also owns three horses named Playboy, Zeus Troubadour and Baldy, which are currently stabled on her Oklahoma ranch. Aside from horses and dogs, Lambert’s farm pets include a few cats, two donkeys, two pigs, miniature horses and chickens.  She added that her “menagerie is always growing” and that she “will likely have adopted something else” by the time the interview was made available.

Lambert also shared that riding has helped her recharge and create better music. “When I'm riding, it clears my head and I'm able to write better music. I love being outside. It's always good to get away from the computer and cell phone and just enjoy being with my horses,” said the country musician. 

The star also has an affinity with the four-legged animals and gushed how beautiful they are. “I love how big and beautiful they are, but also how sweet and loving they are at the same time,” Lambert added.

Lambert and Shelton announced their divorce on July 20.  The two were married in May 2011, after Shelton separated from his first wife, Kaynette.