The model girlfriend of Formula 1 driver Fernando Alonso is suing a New York-based escort agency for using her photos to sell the services of a prostitute who goes by the name Julie.

Xenia Tchoumitcheva -- who was the first runner up in the 2006 Miss Switzerland competition and was voted the most eligible woman in Switzerland -- is accusing Fantasy Allures escort agency of lifting professional modeling shots from the Internet and passing them off as belonging to one of their call girls.

Tchoumitcheva did not specify how she came across the photos but said she was horrified at the discovery.

To be used in this way on a website is absurd and highly offensive, the 24-year-old model reportedly told a Swiss news website. I have nothing to do with this site, and using pictures of me there is a serious attack on my reputation.

I am horrified at this and have instructed my lawyers to seek considerable damages.

Tchoumitcheva recently began dating Alonso after the Spanish Forumula 1 driver announced he was splitting with his wife of five years. Daily Mail was not able to reach Alonso for comment.

According to the Daily Mail, Fantasy Allures describes the prostitute associated with Xenia's photos as a blonde VIP supermodel who reportedly commands an hourly rate of over $1,000 USD an hour or more than $5,000 a night.

IBTimes was unable to locate an entry for Julie on the Fantasy Allures website. Only a limited portion of the site is available to non-members.

Tchoumitcheva is of Russian heritage and speaks five languages. According to the Daily Mail, she has a degree in economics and is in stockbroker training with JP Morgan.