Alyssa Campanella, the recently-crowned Miss U.S.A. 2011, is back home, partying hard and celebrating her homecoming, with her closest friends and family. 

The 21-year-old Alyssa represented the U.S. in the recently concluded 2011 Miss Universe beauty paegent in Brazil. Unfortunately, she couldn't quite make it all the way to the title, finishing, creditably, nevertheless, in the Top 16.

However, she seems to have overcome any disappointment and is back to her normal life, after months of the taxing schedules at the competition. She is back tweeting, posting pictures on social networking sites and interacting with her fans. In fact, most recently Alyssa posted her Homecoming Party picture on her official Facebook fan page.

Alyssa gained immense popularity during the contest, becoming a favourite of fan voters and was touted as one of the toughest contenders to beat, in a field of 89 beauty queens. Unfortunately, she didn't quite make it to the finals, which was quite a surprise to her many supporters.

However, at the end of the day, time with the family is what is best and Alyssa is making good use of it. She tweeted: My dad and stepmom are in town! Love spending time with them! Stepmom couldn't make it to Brazil so I'm happy seeing her now!

She was also delighted to get back together with three of her best friends, three-musketeers, at her homecoming party, recenly held at Drai's, in Hollywood. 

Throughout the competition, Alyssa impressed the judges with both her beauty and intellect. Unfortunately, luck wasn't on her side.

Alyssa was the first runner-up in the 2007 Miss Teen U.S.A. pageant, before winning her Miss U.S.A. title.

Take a look at the homecoming party pictures of this American beauty.