Investigators continue their search for baby Lisa Irwin who went missing from her home nearly two months ago. And with each day passing, the characters in the story keep getting weirder.

Earlier, the family's lawyer said that neighborhood handyman John Jersey Tanko had told a teen that he had kidnapped baby Lisa for $300. However, the teen denied the report. He told NBC Action News that Tanko had not told him anything about the happenings on Oct. 4 night.

Tanko has a history of break-ins in Kansas City. Tanko was earlier questioned by the Kansas police regarding the case. But police have said that he is not a suspect and, in fact, he is currently behind bars on an unrelated burglary charge.

Megan Wright, who is a frequent mentioned character in the case, has claimed that Dane Gratehouse was not using her phone the night Lisa disappeared. Wright is owner of the phone that received a mysterious 50-second call from the cellphone of Lisa's mother Deborah Bradley. Wright stays at a home which is a mile away from Bradley's home from where baby Lisa disappeared.

Ron Rugen, a Kansas City Private Investigator who has been privately working on baby Lisa case, spoke to Wright over instant messaging on internet since her phone was confiscated by the officials. During the talk, Wright shared her reaction to the report on Dane using her phone.

Dane, one of the seven roommates of Wright, was supposedly using the cellphone on both Oct. 3 and 4 - the day Lisa disappeared.       

Dane told NBC Action News that he had no connection with the missing baby or with Wright.

Dane said he had used the cellphone to have his phone turned on and some rides lined up for the next days of moving into my new place. he texted Russ Ptacek, NBC Action News reporter.

Rugen asked Wright about Dane's claim. It was not that night...a totally different day. Mid-morning, I'm not sure the date, said Wright.

Then Rugen asked her whether it was before or after Lisa's disappearance? After, if I remember correctly, Wright replied.

When asked about the FBI calling the cellphone and Dane answering it with fake name, Yes. Dane mentioned it to me.....Dane gave them a fake name and thought the whole thing was a joke, she said.

Wright also told Rugen about her ex-boyfriend Tanko's actions a few days before and after Lisa's disappearance.

She said about a week and half before Lisa had gone missing she broke up with him.

When Rugen asked her whether she had heard from him or seen him after the breakup, Wright replied, He walked up the street about a week later. People in the house let him in. I went to my room (upstairs at the time) and locked myself in. Jersey ended up getting into a fight with my buddy from down the street. Jersey was forced to leave, and I came out of my room. Jersey had tried talking to me, but I could see that he was drunk and belligerent and didn't want to deal with him. That's why I locked myself in.