There are still a number of questions that remain unanswered, in the matter of Lisa Irwin's disappearance, including the fact that a phone call was made her parent's mobile phone, on the night of her disappearance. The call was made to a Megan Wright - a former girlfriend of John Jersey Tanko, a handyman who was working in the neighborhood of the Irwin residence. Tanko is currently in jail, on unrelated charges.

Wright claims she did not receive the call, which lasted 50 seconds. She further said that the phone in question was one shared by the seven co-residents of her house. Her former roommate Dane (his last name has not been disclosed for reasons of privacy), who admitted to having the phone in his possession on the night of the call in question.  

The truth will rise to the top, said Dane, I have no connection with Megan Wright or the missing child.

I used Megan's mobile phone to have my phone turned on and some rides lined up for the next days of moving into my new place, said Dane, in a mobile message-based conversation with NBC ACTION News.

The police have (been in) contact with me and have (been) so the whole past month, Dane texted,I just hope we can focus the important point of finding the missing child.

However, Dane refused to answer questions on whether he answered the call (received at 11.57 p.m.), on the night of Lisa Irwin's disappearance.

Why don't you investigate the girl, and her boyfriend, asked Dane's father, of NBC ACTION News, You guys are like taking this girl's word for everything.

I'm just being thrown in a mix of people trying to push blame off of them to keep face. It's sad my name could be involved in something so heartbreaking, commented Dane.

Dane declined to answer specific questions or meet in person. He told NBC investigators the police had asked him not contact the media, warning him that it would only lead to a media frenzy of lies.

In an unrelated lawsuit filed against Dane by his ex-girlfriend, he has been accused of threatening to kill her.

Every day I have been scared and terrified to go home at night, the victim told the court in a written statement, He says he has nothing to lose and he'll be satisfied once I'm dead, WPTV reported.