Episode 12 of “Mistresses” was full of so many shocking moments that we’re still attempting to pick our jaws up off the floor. The Season 3 installment, titled “Reasonable Doubt,” kicked off with Vivian’s (Sonja Bennett) doctor explaining to Karen (Yunjin Kim) the grim news that her lover’s liver is starting to fail.

This prompts Vivian to question how much time she has left.

“I don’t know,” the doctor replies in a foreshadowing statement.

After leaving the doctor’s appointment, Karen tries to remain optimistic. Surely there’s a way she and Alec (Ed Quinn) can find a way to cure Vivian. That’s when Viv reveals she hasn’t told her husband about her dwindling health yet, nor does she want him to know.

“He doesn’t know I’m sick,” Vivian states, explaining that she doesn’t want to tell Alec because he’s about to accept an award honoring his lifetime of work. “Let him have this moment.”

Karen agrees – reluctantly.

Meanwhile, in prison, Calista’s (Jennifer Esposito) lawyer explains to her client that she no longer has any credibility. Apparently Calista now wants to back up Joss’ (Jes Macallan) testimony (after landing herself in prison). But bolstering Joss’ statement to the police now – after initially challenging it – would be detrimental to her case.

“You don’t believe me do you?” Calista asks her lawyer (who is clearly skeptical about whether her client is a killer) before dismissing her.

Things also aren’t looking too good for Joss, who was just informed that the DA is offering her a plea deal if she admits to firing the gun that killed Luca (Noam Jenkins).

But David (Corey Sevier) is adamant that Joss goes to court.

“You are not taking this deal,” her lawyer boldly states before revealing the chilling news that if Joss loses the trial she could end up getting 20 to life. Quite the gamble, huh Joss? And after talking to her cell mate Roz (Kate Messina), Joss questions if she should take the risky choice of turning down the plea deal.

April (Rochelle Aytes) is also in a messy predicament after having slapped Lucy (Corinne Massiah) in episode 11. But April’s therapist reminds the tear-eyed mother that not only has her daughter forgiven her, but April should also note how selfless she’s been by inviting Marc (Rob Mayes) and his nephew into their home – for Lucy’s happiness – despite how uncomfortable it was for her.

That’s when April is reminded of how beneficial Marc has been in Lucy’s life. And just as she’s mentally praising sweet Marc, he walks in with a bag of books he bought for Joss to read while she’s in prison – you know, to take  her mind off of the fact that she could spend the rest of her life in prison.

But before Marc is unable to unveil his feelings to April -- like Harry (Brett Tucker) suggested -- Lucy’s mom gets a call that there’s a “strange man” lurking in her backyard.

The creepy backyard intruder turns out to be Miranda’s (Kate Beahan) boyfriend, Ron. Yep, she’s back in town – with a new man and new drama. Miranda reveals to her brother that she and Ron are going to get married, move to Las Vegas – and they’re taking Scotty (Jayden White) with them.

Marc is taken aback by the news. After all, he’s been the one who has been taking care of the boy, tucking him at night, packing his lunch, bringing him to school, while his mother runs around Las Vegas with her wealthy boyfriend. But Miranda puts her foot down to the idea of Scotty staying with Marc. Apparently taking him out of school and moving him into a new neighborhood is what’s best for her family.

But Marc proposes that idea that Scotty stays with him once again. Even April vouches for Marc, stating that he’s changed quite a bit since they first arrived.

“Your brother has stepped up,” she tells Miranda.

Feeling defensive, Miranda brings up that Marc fell off the wagon so how changed could he really be? This bit of information really irks April.

While Marc’s chances with April fizzles away, Karen’s relationship with the Adams grows even stronger when Alec divulges that he’s on board with all three of them raising the baby growing in Karen’s belly.

Alec apologizes to Karen for his initial, not-so-thrilled reaction to her pregnancy. Apparently he takes after his cold-hearted father.

“But with two moms like you and Vivian, how bad can I screw things up?” he says.

However, it looks like only two members of the thrupple will end up rearing Karen’s baby after Vivian collapses to the floor moments before Alec’s big night. Did she finally succumb to her disease?

Speaking of dreary storylines, Joss decides she’s going to take the plea deal, despite her lawyer’s recommendation, so that she has a guaranteed chance of getting out of prison to start a life with Harry (who revealed he bought the home of Joss’ dreams).

But after Calista hears her Joss tearfully telling her mother that she’s going to be in prison for the next few years, the fashion designer shows she can be a true friend by taking the wrap for Luca’s murder.

“I killed my husband alone. Joss had nothing to do with it,” she tells the police.

Did Calista’s selflessness surprise you? Sound off in the comments section below what you thought of Season 3, episode 12 of “Mistresses.”