Can’t Joss (Jes Macallan) catch a break? In Episode 10 of “Mistresses,” the blonde party planner was thrown into the slammer after being arrested for first-degree premeditated murder.

According to Joss’ lawyer, David (Corey Sevier), officials suspected Joss as the prime murder suspect in Luca’s (Noam Jenkins) death after Calista (Jennifer Esposito) fed them the salacious story similar to the plot of “Basic Instinct.” Basically, Calista said Joss was obsessed with her – so infatuated that she even threatened to kill Luca when she spotted him flirting with another woman.

“And now he’s dead. So, you tell me,” Calista concluded her incriminating statement.

The detectives ate her sensational tale up, but David promised he would find a way to get his client out from behind bars – and he kept his word, sort of. Episode 10, “What Could Have Been,” ended with David paying Joss a visit with good news.

“You’re going to like this,” he said with a smile and a nod.

According to the summary for episode 11, titled “Guilty by Association,” David was given a tape by Daniel (Ricky Whittle) that could help prove Joss’ innocence.

“Daniel’s mysterious tape turns out to be surveillance from the neighbor’s camera, which proves to complicate matters for Calista,” the summary teases. In the promo video, it’s revealed that the surveillance footage captures an image of a mysterious car driving away from the murder scene – and who is driving the getaway car? Someone who is wearing the same wedding band as Calista.

“That is your ring,” Calista’s attorney says. But the fashion designer is adamant that the person driving that car isn’t her. Unfortunately for Calista, it doesn’t look like the police will be giving her the benefit of the doubt – or Joss for that matter.

“Just when things are looking up for Joss, she’s stunned to learn that the cops think she and Calista conspired to kill Luca together,” the synopsis explains.

Meanwhile, Karen (Yunjin Kim) will have her hands full with her own drama when she reveals to Alec (Ed Quinn) and Vivian (Sonja Bennett) that she’s pregnant – with their baby. But despite the couple's initial shock, the two will propose that perhaps they can raise the baby together in a modern kind of family. Did the thruple just become a quadruple?

Viewers will also see April’s (Rochelle Aytes) guilt (for cheating on her beau with Daniel) get the best of her in episode 11, which will ultimately lead to “trouble in her relationship with Blair (Brian White).” But the synopsis says April’s strained romance will ultimately bring her closer to her daughter Lucy (Corinne Massiah), whom she’s been struggling to connect with.

“Mistresses” will return with more drama next Thursday, at 9 p.m. EDT on ABC with episode 11, “Guilty by Association.”