“Mistresses” is going on vacation! But just because the hit ABC show is taking a bit of a break doesn’t mean fans of the sizzling summer series have to deprive themselves of drama. Until Season 4 of “Mistresses” makes its way back to the small screen on Aug. 8 audiences can spend their Monday night’s binge watching other chaos-riddled shows and movies. All you need is a Netflix account!

For those who are already subscribed to the popular streaming service, you can catch titles similar to “Mistresses,” or watch other dramas starring your favorite ABC actors. First-time users can also partake in the binge-watching festivities by receiving a free 30-day Netflix trial or purchasing the streaming service starting at $7.99 a month.

Check out the recommendations we have for Netflix users who want to pass the time before “Mistresses” returns with Season 4, episode 7 on Monday, Aug. 8:

1. “Charmed” (Seasons  1 – 8): Viewers can catch up with “Mistresses” alum Alyssa Milano, who played the role of Joss’ (Jes Macallan) sister Savi, in the mystical drama. Although the series is of the fantasy variety, the theme of sisterhood, which is also found in “Mistresses,” plays a large role within the supernatural show.

2. “My Favorite Five”: This romantic comedy starring Rochelle Aytes, who plays April on “Mistresses,” and Brian White, who portrayed April’s former beau Blair, tells the story of a hopeless romantic who falls head-over-heels for a man who’s hopeless when it comes to love.

3. “Reckless” (Season 1): All is fair in love and law in this sexy series about two lawyers who heat up the courtroom case after case.

4. “Ringer” (Season 1): Murder, secrets and relationship drama? “Ringer” is the perfect series to watch while “Mistresses” is on its three-week hiatus. The CW series, which was canceled after just one season in 2012, follows the story of Bridget Kelly (Sara Michelle Gellar) — a member of the FBI’s Witness Protection Program — and what happens after she witnesses a murder.

5. “Cedar Cove” (Season 1 – 3): The Hallmark Channel series, based on Debbie Macomber’s book of the same name, focuses on the life of Olivia Lockhart (Andie MacDowell) — a judge of a coastal town in Washington. In the series, Olivia “fights the uphill battle” between balancing her career, her family and romance.

“Mistresses” will return with more Season 4 drama on Monday, Aug. 8, at 10 p.m. EDT on ABC.