The Season 4 storyline of “Mistresses” is getting scorching hot! In fact, the plot of the sizzling ABC summer sudser is becoming so steamy that the network is cooling things off by giving the show a three-week break.

That’s right, the show is going on a little hiatus until Monday, Aug. 8. That leaves audiences with plenty of time to speculate what will go down in episode 7. And from the promo video of the upcoming installment, it appears that the forthcoming episode will be stuffed with chaos and drenched with jaw-dropping drama.

But jaws won’t be the only things dropping come Aug. 8. It looks like clothes will also be hitting the floor thanks to the show’s hot, new couple: Kate (Tabrett Bethell)) and Scott (Justin Hartley). In episode 6, it’s revealed that Kate’s married beau from the Taco Truck was Joss (Jes Macallan) ex-fiancé. You know, the guy Joss ditched as the alter to lock lips with her ex brother-in-law?

When Scott realized that Kate was the sister of Harry (Brett Tucker), he tried to put a kibosh on their messy romance. But Kate won’t be that easy for him to shake off. In the trailer for episode 7, Kate arrives to the plastic surgeon’s office sporting a sexy dress and a mischievous smile.

“I heard you are the best plastic surgeon in town,” she says slyly only to have Scott reply that what they’re doing isn’t a good idea. But he can’t resist the stunning Aussie’s charm and ends up stealing a kiss from Kate in his patient’s chair.

Speaking of stealing, April (Rochelle Aytes) tells Kate that Joss might not be too thrilled to find out her soon-to-be sister-in-law is doing the bedroom tango with her ex. But can Joss really throw a fit after she fell in love with her sister’s ex? We have a feeling Savi’s (Alyssa Milano) name might be dropped in the impending future.

Joss, however, might be too busy worrying about going back to jail to be concerned with Kate’s relationship. According to Harry, Reza (Micky Shiloah) is pressing charges against Joss for attacking him in Las Vegas. In episode 6, Joss threw a punch (and then a kick and another punch) at Reza when she saw the nephew of the restaurant tycoon Jonathon (Navid Negahban) getting rough with his girlfriend.

Her PTSD from getting attacked by Wilson (Jarod Joseph) in Season 3 combined with her new self defense moves resulted in Reza getting the beat down of his life. But could Joss’ one-two-punch put her back behind bars?

“Mistresses” will return with more drama when Season 4, episode 7 of the hit ABC series airs Monday, Aug. 8, at 10 p.m. EDT.