The girls are back, and they’re ready to stir up more drama — and cocktails — in the sizzling, summer series “Mistresses.” But before the hit ABC show returns with its Season 4 premiere Monday, there are a few things audiences should know about the upcoming installment.

So sit back, relax and pour yourself your drink of choice because things are about to get juicy … and we’re not talking about the lime wedge in your margarita! Here’s five things you should know before tuning into the summer show:

Time Jump

According to the summary for episode 1, titled “The New Girls,” Season 4 will pick up a year after Joss (Jes Macallan) was held at gunpoint by Calista’s (Jennifer Esposito) rogue assistant, Wilson (Jared Joseph).

Joss Will Suffer Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

After narrowly escaping from Wilson’s clutches, which was teased in a Season 4 sneak-peek video, Joss will find herself suffering from the agonizing memories of being attacked. Fans received a glimpse at her painful past in a trailer that featured a flashback.

After Joss found her door unlocked, her PTSD was triggered, forcing Harry’s (Brett Tucker) girlfriend to re-live the night Wilson went rogue. But Joss wasn’t entirely wrong when assuming a burglar had broken into her home. Just after calling the police, a mysterious figure pops out at Joss, causing her to yell out in terror.

Marc and April’s Steamy Romance Begins to Fizzle

After a season full of undeniable chemistry, Marc (Rob Mayes) and April (Rochelle Aytes) finally gave shippers what they were longing for by locking lips. But, according to the Season 4 premiere synopsis, it looks like their honeymoon phase will come to an end when they realize they have some serious problems on their hands.

“Despite moving in together, Marc hasn’t found a job, and April worries that Lucy (Corrine Massiah) is growing up too fast,” the summary reveals, revealing  that their real life woes may strain their relationship.

Karen’s Romantic Dilemma

While April’s love life takes a dip, Karen’s (Yunjin Kim) will heat up when, not one, but two hunks make their way into her world. The new mom (yes, due to the time jump, Karen will have already had her baby) will have two suitors to choose from — her baby sitter, portrayed by Jerry O’Connell, and an online flame played by the “Gilmore Girls” alum David Sutcliffe.

Joss and Harry’s Downfall

Following the show’s Season 3 finale in September 2015, Rina Mimoun and K.J. Steinberg, the executive producers of “Mistresses,” dished to TVLine that all might not be well and good for the fan-favorite couple come Season 4. Not because Joss’ encounter with Luca’s (Noam Jenkins) killer will weigh heavy on their shoulders, but due to Harry’s new gig, which will push their relationship somewhere it’s never been before — into the public eye.

During the third installment, it was revealed that Harry landed a job with Food Network to host a new culinary show. The series required Harry to travel around Europe with celebrity chef Rocco DiSpirito.

“The reality show aspect will give Harry a chance to have a real evolution from someone who doesn’t understand this invasion [of privacy] to someone who either embraces it or implodes because of it,” Steinberg explained. “Instead of putting a woman in the way of Harry and Joss, we could explore what happens if the public eye gets in the way.”

“Mistresses” airs its Season 4 premiere Monday, May 30, at 10 p.m. EDT.