We laughed, we cried and we found out who killed Luca (Noam Jenkins) during the Season 3 finale of “Mistresses.” Like we previously predicted, the murderer was revealed to be none other than Wilson (Jarod Joseph), Calista’s (Jennifer Esposito) loyal – and apparently deranged – assistant (who she was also romantically linked to).

But as it turns out, Wilson was more devoted to the fashion designer than we originally thought. When Joss (Jes Macallan) makes her way into Calista’s home during the Season 3 finale, titled “Goodbye Girl,” she bumps into a shadowy figure – one that resembles her imprisoned friend.

“Calista?” Joss asks before realizing that the mystery person is Wilson… dressed as his beloved (wig and all). Next thing viewers know, Calista’s assistant is pulling out a gun on Joss – who was supposed to be on a flight to Europe.

See, in episode 13, Harry (Brett Tucker) reveals the exciting news to Joss, who was freed from prison following Calista’s confession, that he was offered a gig of a lifetime – one that would allow him to eat his way through Europe during a 13-episode stint for a Food Network installment. However, Harry is hesitant to accept the job considering this would mean that he would have to be away from Joss for a year. So, killing two birds with one stone, Harry works it into his contract (after officially being offered the job) that Joss is to join him on his overseas adventure. But it seems safe to say that Joss won’t be hopping on a jet anytime soon with Wilson pointing a loaded gun at her head. (She just had to uncover who the killer was!)

Speaking of ill fates, fans were forced to say goodbye to one of our favorite Season 3 characters: Vivian (Sonja Bennett). Even though we knew the end for Viv was near, we still weren’t prepared for when the sweet, open-minded blond took her final breath.

According to Vivian’s doctor, her body was deteriorating at a quicker rate than they anticipated. One by one her organs were shutting down, which meant Karen (Yunjin Kim) and Alec (Ed Quinn) would have to say their goodbyes now or never.

Alec, however, was struggling to cope with his wife’s impending fate. So he spent every waking moment in his office trying to find a cure, a donor, something to keep her alive. That’s when Karen decides to step in, giving Alec some harsh truth.

“Do you want to be up here chasing a miracle or do you want to say goodbye to your wife?” she poses the question.

“I can’t bear it, Karen,” he replies. But honestly, Alec… who can? Even our eyes were welled with tears as Vivian made a video for Karen and Alec’s unborn baby, introducing herself and revealing her love for the child’s parents.

When Vivian finally does perish, fans get a first look at how Alec and Karen interact now that their beloved is gone. And just as we suspected, it was painful.

“Well, this is goodbye,” Karen says as the two leave the hospital, testing the waters. But instead of consoling his pregnant beau, Alec solemnly walks away, leaving Karen to break down in her car.

But not all was gloom and doom during the Season 3 finale of “Mistresses.” Mapril shippers finally got to see Marc (Rob Hayes) and April (Rochelle Aytes) lock lips after a season full of flirting.

It wasn’t until April had a heart-to-heart with Joss did she realize that she had feelings for the man she’s been living with for the past few months. But when April finally finds the courage to share the news with Marc, she discovers that he’s headed to Machu Picchu. So what does determined April do? She flees her home, attempting to track down the handsome barkeep. But lo and behold, who is standing in her doorway? Marc! He’s there to tell April that he loves her, only to find out that the feeling is mutual.

But, of course, the Season 3 finale didn’t end on a sentimental note. Instead, “Goodbye Girl,” concluded with a whopping amount of cliffhangers -- the biggest one being the fate of Calista. In the final moments of episode 13, viewers watch as Calista contemplates committing suicide with a rope she had smuggled in.

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