Come on, Harry. Didn’t anyone teach you that nothing in life is free? That’s the lesson that the hot Aussie will learn in the upcoming Season 4 episode of ABC’s “Mistresses.”

When Harry (Brett Tucker) and Joss (Jes Macallan) make their way to Las Vegas in episode 6 in celebration of their new business, they’ll get showered with gifts from their “generous” host/new business partner Reza (Micky Shiloah). From a couples massage at a spa to loads of gift cards, Joss is blown away by the hospitality of Jonathon’s (David Negahban) nephew.

But her feelings quickly change from grateful to skeptical when she sees the final present that Reza has left them.

“Are you freaking kidding me? No, that can’t be real,” Joss says in disbelief as Harry lifts a silver platter stocked with $5,000 dollars worth of poker chips.

“Now it’s ours to play with!” Harry gleefully cheers as he rifles through the chips. But Joss is little less thrilled and a little more cynical about the present … and rightfully so.

“Does that mean if we lose it we have to pay it back?” she questions, stating that the gift is just “little much.” “It’s excessive. No strings attached? I don’t buy it.”

Harry, however, is convinced that the gift is just good karma after all the “nickel and diming” he had to do to get to the successful position they’re in. “This is the universe making amends, baby,” Harry says as he pours a glass of champagne. “And if it’s a little more amends than needed, who’s complaining?”

But Harry will soon realize the complicated situation they’re in when his fiancée comes face-to-face with a hairy situation. The promo video for episode 6, titled “What Happens in Vegas,” reveals that Joss will witness Reza attacking a young woman. And it looks like no amount of money or presents will prevent the victim of an attack herself from intervening.

“Mistresses” airs Mondays at 10 p.m. EDT on ABC.