Better grab yourself a cool glass of water (or wine), “Mistresses” fans, because our favorite ladies are about to heat things up when the hit ABC show returns Tuesday, Aug. 2.

The summer sudser, which went on a hiatus July 11, was originally slated to air its midseason premiere on Aug. 8. However, the series is making an early return to the small screen before the show resumes its usual Monday night time slot the following week.

So what kind of chaos will go down when audiences reunite with Joss (Jes Macallan), Karen (Yunjin Kim) and April (Rochelle Aytes)? Well, according to the synopsis for episode, titled “Survival Of The Fittest,” each of our girls will be faced with difficult obstacles in the upcoming installment.

When “Mistresses” returns, Alec (Ed Quinn) will threaten to seek full custody of Vivian, “sending Karen into a panic.” But doesn’t Alec know better than to provoke a mama bear? In a promo video for episode 8, Karen gives Alec a piece of her mind, warning him that he’s about to witness a whole new — and seriously dark — side of her. “You just messed with the wrong mother!” she tells him through gritted teeth.

Meanwhile, April and Marc (Rob Mayes) will have their hands full with another issue. In the forthcoming episode, the two will find a condom in the pocket of Lucy’s (Corrine Massiah) jacket, forcing the duo to give Lucy “the talk.” But Lucy isn’t the only one keeping secrets. Kate (Tabrett Bethell) will chicken out of telling her sister-in-law that she’s dating her ex-fiancé, Scott (Justin Hartley), fearing that Joss might share the same feelings about their romance that April does.

In a sneak-peek video, April tells the smitten Aussie to end the seriously complicated relationship.

“If Joss ever finds out… wow,” she begins after Kate confesses her most recent hookup. “Is it really worth it? Pissing of your brother and Joss for a hot guy you barely know? I think it’s a messy situation and you should just let it lie.”

But Joss has bigger problems on her plate than the return of an ex. According to the summary for episode 7, Joss is facing legal ramifications after putting Jonathan’s (Navid Negahban) nephew in the hospital. In episode 6, Joss injured Reza (Micky Shiloah) when she witnessed him assaulting a woman in the hallway of the Las Vegas hotel they were staying in. Now Reza is pressing charges, which will strain Joss and Harry’s (Brett Tucker) relationship.

“Mistresses” will return with Season 4, episode 7 on Tuesday, Aug. 2, at 10 p.m. EDT on ABC before returning to its normal Monday night schedule.