The Season 4 premiere of “Mistresses” was drenched in drama as episode 1, titled “The New Girl,” answered all the burning questions fans had from the Season 3 finale. One of those cliffhangers involved the fate of Joss and whether she survived being gunned down by Calista’s rogue assistant.

In the very first scene of the new installment of the ABC drama, which takes place a year in the future, Joss (Jes Macallan) is seen testifying in court during Wilson’s (Jarod Joseph) murder trial. Joss is questioned by an attorney regarding her assailant’s state of mind during the attack, which she reveals was quite sane — you know, besides the fact that he was sporting a cheap wig and strange getup.

“Even in the way he details why he killed Luca Rains (Noam Jenkins) was very matter of fact,” she says. “He wanted revenge on Calista (Jennifer Esposito) for firing him and ending their affair and he also hated Luca, which is why he was trying to frame her for the murder.”

During her testimony, Joss has a disturbing flashback from the night Wilson attacked her. The killer, who was dressed in Calista-inspired drag, knocked Joss down before tying her up with a rope. But Wilson neglected to tie the knot correctly, which is how Joss managed to escape his clutches. But for some strange reason, Joss keeps that important information to herself, stating that Wilson “let her go.”

The trial then takes recess so that the jury can make a decision on Wilson’s fate, which is when Joss goes to celebrate the completion of her testimony with her friends and a stiff drink. Although Joss tells April (Rochelle Aytes) and Karen (Yunjin Kim) that she’s perfectly fine following her hectic year, her agonizing expression, which she makes as her friends turn their backs, says otherwise.

In addition to worrying about their friend, both April and Karen have their own issues to deal with — mostly motherhood issues. April, who is now living with Marc (Rob Mayes), is feeling like her daughter Lucy (Corrine Messiah) is growing too fast, while Karen can’t seem to find the right nanny to take care of her little girl. Even Karen’s handsome manny, Robert (Jerry O’Connell), proves he’s too good to be true when he attempts to kiss Karen after she reads him a sexy excerpt from her new erotic novel.

“You are my nanny!” she says while pulling away from her employee’s lips. “This couldn’t be more inappropriate!”

But Joss thinks it couldn’t be any hotter and urges Karen to slip in between the sheets with Vivian’s sexy babysitter. However, Karen has bigger things on her plate to worry about than men, like launching her new book — an event Joss helped plan with her new party-planning company. Karen’s nerves reach an all time high when Joss reveals she has invited Barbara Rutledge (Tia Mowry-Hardric), a coveted literary agent, to the shindig. After unveiling the exciting news about Barbara’s potential attendance, Joss learns that she’s needed back at court to hear the jury’s conviction: Wilson is found guilty of first-degree murder.

After Wilson’s fate is sealed, an attorney pulls Joss aside to state that Calista must be thrilled with the outcome. That’s when Joss confirms that Calista didn’t hang herself in the Season 3 finale, stating that she hasn’t talked to the fashion designer since she was released from the hospital. The lawyer then encourages Joss to attend therapy, but the stubborn planner claims she doesn’t need help. But considering Joss is still being haunted from flashbacks of that night, it’s safe to say the she needs someone to talk to.

Joss nearly has a panic attack when she finds her door unlocked when she arrives home after the trial. Quickly dialing the police, she slowly creeps into her home, which she assumes has been invaded. And she’s right … it has been invaded, but by her boyfriend Harry (Brett Tucker), who has returned home early from Europe to surprise Joss.

“I came to surprise you. Obviously it worked,” the new Food Network star says.

And Harry isn’t the only one to catch his significant other off guard. Marc shocks April when he reveals he wants to postpone school to focus on his music — a path April isn’t too supportive of. But April changes her tune about allowing Marc to follow his dreams after listening to Karen speak about “passion and honesty” at the launch party.

During the event, which Barbara ended up attending due to her wacky run-in with Joss, Karen explains what had inspired her story. But the reading takes an unexpected turn when the new mother begins leaking milk. However, that doesn’t prevent Barbara from wanting to work with the talented author. The following day, the agent knocks on Karen’s door to discuss a potential partnership, which Karen immediately accepts.

And it seems that the theme of acceptance plays a large role in the Season 4 premiere because Joss also accepts Harry’s proposal when he asks his girlfriend to marry him. Harry, who had been acting strange since his arrival, reveals why he was so on edge when he walks Joss down to the ocean to discuss his ideas for his new beach bistro … and their future. That’s when the Aussie hunk pops the question with a ring that Joss gleefully slips on her finger. But Harry’s fiancée swaps her ring for a pair of gloves when the following morning Joss makes her way to a Krav Maga class — her version of therapy.

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