Another one bites the dust on ABC’s summer drama, “Mistresses.” Although the drama was renewed for a fourth season, actress Jennifer Esposito will not be reprising her role as fashion designer/ terrible friend Calista Raines.

Esposito was the latest addition to the cast, joining Season 3 after the departure of star Alyssa Milano. Milano decided to leave the series after production moved from Los Angeles to Vancouver, Canada. The 42-year-old actress did not want to move because of her two young children.

So, why is Esposito leaving? She’s exiting for an entirely different reason … she was never supposed to be on the series for more than one season! According to Entertainment Weekly, the 42-year-old was only contracted for one year. The show is currently not searching for another replacement, but EW notes that could change as writing for Season 4 begins.

Calista acted as a friend and “surrogate sister” to Joss (Jes Macallan) after Milano’s character Savi was written off the show … that is until Calista accused Joss of killing her estranged husband Luca (Noam Jenkins). Joss’ name was eventually cleared in the murder, but Calista ended up behind bars. Season 3 ended with a massive cliffhanger – Luca’s killer pointing the gun at Joss and Calista contemplating suicide in jail after smuggling in a rope.

Could “Mistresses” kill off Calista? It seems like a pretty dark way to start a new season. On top of that, fans already know that Joss is going to survive because the showrunners revealed to TVLine that Joss and Harry (Brett Tucker) are going to continue to struggle with their relationship in Season 4. It seems more likely that Joss will somehow avoid getting shot (or fatally shot) and be able to expose the real killer’s identity to the police, freeing Calista. If Calista does get freed, it would make sense that her and Joss would part ways and end their toxic relationship.

However, if Calista lives, how will they get around showing her in the Season 4 premiere? Savi ended things with Joss via text message in the Season 3 premiere, maybe Calista will pull a similar digital breakup.

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