Apparently, Mitt Romney can't get enough of "Jersey Shore" star Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi.

Romney and his wife Ann Romney sat down with Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan for ABC's "Live! With Kelly and Michael" on Friday, giving a joint interview about their marriage and life together.

A transcript of the interview was released by the Romney press pool and run by the Washington Post. While the U.S. presidential candidate mostly discussed his personal life, there are still a few surprising revelations in the transcript. Most notably: Mitt Romney is a fan of Snooki.

Amid questions about the beginning of his relationship with Ann and which actor would best portray him in a film, Romney was asked which reality-television star he preferred: Snooki or Honey Boo Boo (aka Alana Thompson).

"I'm kind of a Snooki fan," Romney answered. "Look how tiny she's gotten. She's lost weight. She's energetic. Just her spark-plug personality is kind of fun."

Unfortunately, Romney had nothing to say about Georgian reality TV star Honey Boo Boo. Apparently, a single dollar isn't enough to make Mitt Romney holler.

Other revelations in the interview may not be quite as surprising as Romney's apparent appreciation of how "tiny" Snooki is, but there are still some other interesting bits of information in there. Among them is the story of how Romney met his future wife at a party in high school.

"She caught my eye," Romney said. "I went up to her and found she'd come with someone else. And I said to the guy she came with, you know, I live closer to Ann than you do. Can I give her a ride home for you? And he said, 'Sure.' ... Yeah, he fell for that. So, we've been going steady ever since then."

Other tidbits in the interview? Mitt occasionally snores, Ann hogs the blankets, and they both agree that Gene Hackman would be the best actor to portray Mitt Romney on-screen.

Oh, and what does Mitt Romney wear to bed? "As little as possible," he said. So there's something you can never forget.

While the interview was filled with plenty of softballs, Republican challenger Romney answered an interesting question on what he and Democratic incumbent President Barack Obama agreed on.

"We agree upon him taking out Osama bin Laden. I'm sure he glad he did that," Romney said. "And I think we agree on the importance of family. I think he's a fine husband and father, and I think the role model for our nation of being a good father is a very good thing. I appreciate that. We're concerned about schools and health care, and I think the budget. We go about these things in different ways. We have different approaches to those things."

The "Live! With Kelly and Michael" interview will air Tuesday at 9 a.m. EDT.