Mitt Romney continues to be treated as Republican nominee by the Democratic party. This week they have launched a new ad campaign pitting Romney against himself in a mock action movie called Mitt v. Mitt.

The first ad was released on the Internet and will run in states expected to be hotly contested in 2012 including Virginia, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Ohio, according to the Los Angeles Times.

The short ad shows a few clips of Romney expressing different opinions over the years on issues like abortion and health care. It uses the tenor of an action movie trailer and faux-Hollywood special effects before directing viewers to where they can view the entire four minute movie.

The full ad features more clips accusing Romney of flip-flopping, along with short clips of former President Ronald Reagan and late night host Jay Leno.

The ad, sponsored by the Democratic National Committee, is the latest in a series of attacks on Romney from the Democrats. Though not a single primary has been held yet, for months conventional wisdom has pointed to the former Massachusetts governor as the Republican most likely to take on Obama next year.