Footage aired by the Dubai-based Al Alaan news channel claims to show the funeral of Libyan dictactor Moammar Gadhafi, his son Mutassim and his national security advisor, Abu Bakr Yunis. A Telegraph report claims that the video, which is shaky and unclear, shows the open coffins and the bodies inside.

According to a Misrata Military Council official, Gadhafi's personal cleric, Sheikh Kahled Tantoush, is shown reciting an Islamic funeral prayer, with relatives of Gadhafi and other officials in attendance. The council official confirmed that the three men were buried at dawn Tuesday, in a secret grave.

The body of the former dictator was displayed for three days in a cold storage unit for onions in Misrata. The new rulers of Libya said they had left the body, to be seen and humiliated by the people Gadhafi oppressed during his 42-year reign. Another reason for the delay in burial was that the new government simply did not know how to proceed.

The slain leader's kinsmen wanted the body to be buried in his hometown of Sirte, as Gadhafi had requested in his will. But the interim government feared a grave would become a pilgrimage destination for his supporters.

Tantoush told the BBC Gadhafi was buried in accordance with Islamic rites.

Yes. They let us clean him and do what Islamic people do when a Muslim dies, he said.

Here is amateur footage of the broadcast by Al Alaan.