More leaked iPhone parts surfaced last week but the guessing game continues as to whether the model is an iPhone 5 or an iPhone 4S.

The next-generation iPhone parts were leaked to an iPhone repair site in India called and the images were also shared with Apple Insider.

In the shots provided to Apple Insider, the next generation of iPhone has a glass screen similar in size and design like the iPhone 4 that's already been on the market.

About a week ago, The New York Times reported that the iPhone maker would introduce a brand new iPhone with a fairly different design. Reports have surfaced that the new iPhone would be thinner and with a wider screen, changes that are far different from the current iPhone 4.

But at least one analysts has said that Apple will release one new iPhone this year that will have a new look.

According to Apple Insider the photos leaked to its Web site shows the internal components of the iPhone. It reported that the images suggest that the screen is accompanied by new hardware, which makes it a different version of the handset that has not yet been seen.

One change that stuck out is the forward-facing camera, which has a ribbon cable connected to it that has changed from a small L-shaped design to a more longer and straight design, according to Apple Insider.

Apple hasn't confirmed any of the rumors circulating, but it will be hosting an event on Oct. 4 when it is believed that the iPhone maker will announce the next-generation handset.

See the leaked photos here.