Moammar Gadhafi may be dead, but the problems are just beginning.

Moammar Gadhafis' family plans to file a war crimes complaint with the International Criminal Court against NATO for its role in his death, reports Al Jazeera.

The family's lawyer Marcel Ceccaldi, a French attorney who worked for the Gadhafi regime and now represents the family, said that the complaint will be filed against the Hague-based ICC.

They base the complaint on the fact that NATO's attack on the convoy led directly to Moammar Gadhafi's death.

The complaint will supposedly target NATO, executive bodies, and the leaders of alliance member states.

The wilful killing (of someone protected by the Geneva Convention) is defined as a war crime by Article 8 of the ICC's Rome Statute, said Ceccaldi.

Meanwhile, Al Jazeera also reported on Oct. 26 that the bodies of 267 people were found at a burial site in Sirte, which was the hometown of Moamma Gadhafi.

Of these 267 bodies, it is believed that many of the individuals were summarily executed.

Images of the bodies can be found at the site. These photographs are graphic.

The International Committee of the Red Cross reported this discovery along with many others.

MSNBC reported on Oct. 20 that more and more mass graves are being uncovered in Libya.

In various parts of Libya, human remains are being discovered regularly in mass graves, hospitals and other sites, the ICRC said in a statement on its aid operations.

The ICRC has also visited 50 detention institutions throughout Libya where more than 7,000 individuals are being held captive. About 1,500 of those individuals are foreigners.