Al-Nusra Front, al Qaeda's affiliate in Syria, captured at least five more U.S.-trained fighters in the village of Qah in the northwestern part of the country, Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported. The British human rights organization said Tuesday the militant organization had captured the fighters near the Turkish border.

Al-Nusra Front captured at least eight U.S.-backed fighters last week. The recent operation was held in a camp where the fighters had taken shelter. The camp was built for internally displaced people in the village.

"Between Monday and Tuesday, al-Nusra Front seized at least five rebels from Division 30 in the village of Qah, near the Turkish border," al-Arabiya quoted SOHR Chief Rami Abdel Rahman as sasying. "Five fighters were seen captured but there may be more."

The Pentagon supplies arms to Division 30 and trains fighters to battle the Islamic State group. Even though al-Nusra is fiercely against ISIS forces, it still targets the U.S.-backed rebels who are apparently fighting the same enemy.

The observatory earlier reported eight U.S.-backed fighters had been captured by Al-Nusra Front Wednesday. However, the Pentagon has denied the claim.

Washington Post quoted Navy Capt. Jeff Davis as saying that no personnel from the New Syrian Force had been captured. The Defense Department spokesman said that all personnel from the force had been “present and accounted for.”

Haaretz reported al-Nusra Front had published a new, English-language magazine. The Syrian militant group may have hinted in the magazine, which has “a lot of text and very few color pictures,” it is willing to part ways with al Qaida.