Legendary former Manhattan Prosecutor Robert Morgenthau came to the defense of his handpicked successor Cy Vance Jr.’s handling of the Dominique Strauss Kahn case in a 331-word statement Thursday, saying he was confident Vance will make a principled decision whether or not to proceed with the case.

Morgenthau, 91, who retired in 2009 and is now of counsel at Watchell, Lipton said Vance’s handling of the case as of now is in line with the traditions of the noted office.

“For decades we instructed line prosecutors at the Manhattan D.A.’s office to seek justice over everything else, to investigate, to find the truth, and to proceed without fear or favor,” Morgenthau said.

“The recent actions from the district attorney’s office show me that these attributes are alive and well at One Hogan Place.”

Vance’s office agreed to release Strauss-Kahn, last week when it became clear the woman who accused the French financier of raping her has serious credibility issues.

His office had no immediate comment.

This development comes as the accuser’s attorney, Kenneth Thompson has asked the District Attorney to step down from the case which he believes has been mishandled, and wants a special prosecutor appointed.

District Attorney Vance, we ask in earnest that your office voluntarily recuse itself from the Strauss-Kahn case and that you appoint a special prosecutor, Thompson wrote.

Investigators in the Manhattan District Attorney's office have discovered significant inconsistencies with the account of the chambermaid who claimed Strauss-Kahn sexually assaulted her in a luxury hotel room in May, sources said Thursday.

Revelations the accuser allegedly considered financial gain and engaged in relationships categorized as questionable with a drug dealer prompted Manhattan prosecutors to inform his lawyers and submit to a bail modification hearing Friday, court sources said.