Grumpy Cat may have some competition heading his way.

A new Kickstarter project, “World's Most Super Amazing 100% Awesome Cat Calendar,” stars an adorable yet crabby looking cat named AC. The 6-year-old feline is a veteran model, who has posed in five other creatively themed calendars -- the brainchild of his owner, Kate Anderson.

This year’s theme is magical creatures, for which AC will become a unicorn, a fairy and a wizard, to name a few.

“He doesn’t really have any issues with the costumes but doesn’t enjoy it when I try to make him sit where I want in the dioramas I create. But he still puts up with it and gives me about 5 minutes before he decides he’s finished and walks off the set,” Anderson said in an email to IBTimes.



AC stands for Annoying Customer, named after the scene from the movie “Clerks.”

“I had to stop calling him that, though, as I made a customer upset at a craft fair once,” Anderson said. “She asked what my cat's name was, and, when I told her, she thought I was referring to her.”

The Kickstarter project has more than 600 backers who have pledged $13,438 -- almost four times more than its original goal.

Anderson, 30, shoots the photos, sews the costumes and makes the sets. She collaborates with her friend, Brennan Groh, who is the graphic designer for the project. Although the calendars have been widely received, they have only broken even or made a slight profit, Anderson says.

This year, the Milwaukee pair plans on producing 2,000 copies of the calendar and hopes to gain more exposure at the National Stationery Show in New York City in May.

As for AC, looks can be deceiving.

“He's amazingly laid-back and very loving despite how grumpy he always appears to be,” Anderson said.