Lenovo-owned Motorola recently shared a nostalgic video teaser showing the Motorola RAZR V3 from 2005. Following which, speculations were rife across the globe believing that Motorola might bring the retro flip phones back.

Not to forget, even BlackBerry opted to bring the classic slider QWERTY keyboard back with the Priv smartphone. However, Priv is now struggling to keep up with the brutal competition from other OEMs. AT&T seems to feel the heat, while T-Mobile went one step further and removed this device from its website recently.

BlackBerry Priv’s struggles notwithstanding, Motorola was expected to be releasing a successor to the well-received Motorola RAZR V3 at the special event today. Many tech portals started speculating that the company might release the RAZR V3 as an Android flip phone.

However, Motorola reportedly acknowledged that there is no flip phone in the lineup earmarked for launch today Thursday. The once prominent tech giant will be introducing the new Android-powered flagship Motorola Moto Z, also known as Moto X 2016 today.

According to Mobilissimo, Motorola remarked that the interest in the retro flip phones is encouraging. Even though the company will not release the classic phone today, Motorola will “transform the mobile landscape” with the new devices waiting to be unveiled. The company’s statement shared on June 8 apparently concluded by saying “RAZR can and will return someday, but certainly not tomorrow.”

When it comes to Android flip phones, Samsung is the only prominent OEM that keeps making flip handsets targeting Chinese and Korean buyers. However, these devices pop up once in a blue moon in third-party retailer sites in the U.S. as international variants with no warranty.

Speaking of Moto Z, Phone Arena says some of the variants are believed to be exclusive to Verizon Wireless in the U.S. and will of course carry the prominent carrier-specific moniker Motorola DROID Turbo/Max.