In a recent interview, Rami Malek explained how playing the challenging role of Elliot in “Mr. Robot” has helped him grow as an actor. Meanwhile, TV series creator Sam Esmail recently spoke about how the show is relevant to the world today.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Malek said he was “floored” by the positive response his TV series has received. He said he has “matured as an actor” after playing the role of Elliot on the show. The character is often seen in a “negative mindspace,” and Malek said he has found a way to get back to normal after playing such difficult scenes.

Malek explained that Elliot is an “incredibly complicated” character who can “go down a really dark rabbit hole every once in a while.” The actor said it was his challenge to make him an “alienating” character but at the same time make sure to highlight his redeeming qualities to make him more relatable to the viewers.

Discussing one scene that focuses on the effects of drug withdrawal, Malek said it was “enticing and enthralling” for him. The actor said he was “excited” to work on such challenging scenes that take him to “dark places.”

The actor is not sure how the plot of “Mr. Robot” is going to develop in the future, but he is happy seeing shocking moments on the show every week and not knowing in which direction his character is going. Malek added that it will be interesting to see how Elliot will “compose himself” and come up with new plans in the future.

Meanwhile, speaking to HuffPost, creator Esmail said it felt strange to see the TV series highlighting issues like hacking that were in the news recently. 

The main plot of “Mr. Robot” revolves around a group of hackers attempting to wipe out all the data about debt in the world and thereby freeing debtors. The plot may have been inspired by Esmail’s personal experience with his student loan. “I paid off the rest of my student loans yesterday," he said and added that the loan system “feels corrupt.” However, he also pointed out that that hackers’ plan on the show is impractical.