Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak is expected to say he will step down at the next election while U.S. President Barack Obama has told him he should not run, according to reports.

U.S. diplomats in Cairo and Washington said Obama urged Mubarak not to stand for re-election, according to the New York Times.

Earlier TV network Al Arabiya, citing unspecified reports, said Mubarak will make the announcement in a speech on Tuesday. Mubarak will also say he will remain in office until the next election in order to meet protesters' demands. The next election had been scheduled for September.

Mubarak will offer a good solution, U.S. reports say.

Anywhere from hundreds of thousands to 2 million protesters gathered in Cairo's Tahir Square on Tuesday, with many demanding Mubarak's resignation.

As evening came to Cairo, and despite a state-imposed curfew, at least hundreds of thousands of people remained in the square.

Meanwhile, a wide array of opposition groups have begun organizing. They named former UN nuclear weapons inspector Mohamed ElBaradei as their spokesman

ElBaradei spoke with U.S. Ambassador to Cairo Margaret Scobey and said he was ruling out talks with the Egyptian government, according to reports. ElBaradei said Mubarak had to leave.