Zimbabwe's main opposition movement is on route to win a historic victory over President Robert Mugabe's ruling party, partial results from a recount of votes showed on Saturday, but the outcome of the presidential vote remained unknown.

Zimbabwe's Electoral Commission said results were unchanged after the recount of a March 29 vote which re-affirmed that opposition party Movement for Democratic Change defeated long-time running President Robert Mugabe.

Mugabes's Zanu PF party had requested recounts in 23 of the country's 210 constituencies, after being accused of bribing election officials s to undercount and show that his party had lost the elections.

With the results from ten of the 23 recounts in - although they are still not officially released to the public- the state-run Herald newspaper announced that the results were unchanged with the ruling Zanu PF party on four seats, the main opposition party Movement for Democratic

The Zimbabwe Election Commission said they expect the recount to be finalized by Monday and only then will the presidential results be announced

Meanwhile, ZEC Chairman George Chiweshe said a verification and collation process would n need to take place with agents of the presidential candidates before the long-awaited results could be released.

The MDC says its leader, Morgan Tsvangirai, straight-out won the presidential election , while independent monitors say he fell just short of the 50 percent threshold to avoid a run-off vote.

Zanu-PF also says there is likely to be a run-off, as no candidate gained more than 50 percent of the vote.