Muhammad Ali may be down, but the man known as the world's greatest boxer ever is not out, despite reports to the contrary.

The Internet buzzed on Friday with rumors that Ali had collapsed at his home and had to be rushed to the hospital.

Muhammad Ali Rushed to Hospital Unconscious, stated a headline Friday from

The story said, Boxing legend Muhammad Ali has been rushed to the hospital after shifting in and out of consciousness according to a report from Radar Online.

Report: Frail Muhammad Ali Rushed to Hospital, was another headline from

Turns out, Ali is fine, although he does suffer from Parkinson's syndrome. The Rev. Al Sharpton went on record with to rebut claims that Ali is seriously ill.

Said Sharpton to I have spoken with Ali's wife and she assures me that The Champ is fine. He is comfortable at home and they are preparing to celebrate his 70th birthday in January.

According to CNN, a representative of the Muhammad Ali Center in Louisville, Ky., the boxing champion's hometown, said early reports of Ali's physical distress were blown out of proportion.

Of course, Ali does suffer from Parkinson's. He was diagnosed with it in the 1980s. He may not be going in the direction you or I like, but no one is on alert. That's the truth, said Ali's longtime friend and radio personality John Ramsey, in an interview with the Louisville Courier-Journal.