An explosion at a Greek Cypriot naval base on the Mediterranean island of Cyprus has left at least eleven people dead Monday.

The substantial blast severely damaged Cyprus' largest power station, cutting power to parts of the island for what might be as long as a month. Three quarters of the station was destroyed, including the generators' main fuel tanks.

A shockwave from the explosion also shattered almost every window in Zygi, a nearby fishing village and tourist destination.

The blast completely destroyed an Iranian arms cache that was being stored at the naval base, according to AFP.

The explosion was triggered by a local wildfire that spread out of firefighters' control around 5 a.m. Monday. The blaze spread to the base, where it connected with the munitions, setting off the massive, fiery blast.

At least eleven people were killed in the event, including a number of firefighters, Greek Cypriot National Guard troops and fishermen. According to Health Minister Christos Patsalides, three people are undergoing emergency surgery and as many as 50 more experienced minor injuries.