Music Locker war just got fiercer as Amazon announced its deal of the day, Lady Gaga's brand-new album Born this way up for grabs for $0.99.

Amazon is also offering 20GB of Cloud Drive storage - its music locker service which it launched in March - for free with the album. The deal offers 14 songs and a digital booklet.

The album is available on Apple iTunes for $11.99.

The music locker landscape has been significantly altered since reports of Apple signing licensing deals with Sony Corp., EMI Music and Warner Music started filtering in last week.

Amazon was the first to launch its music locker service in March under the moniker Cloud Drive. Google followed suit by launching its cloud-locker service called Music Beta. Amazon's and Google's music lockers are called passive locker as it allow users to upload their music on the cloud which can then be streamed to any device via a browser.

Google's service is presently not tied to an online music store as Amazon's Cloud Drive.

Both Amazon and Google launched their services sans a licensing deal with music labels, decision which was not well received by music labels. Reuters reported that there could be a legal backlash against Amazon from music labels. Reuters report about Amazon's CloudDrive service quoted Sony Music's spokeswoman Liz Young as saying: We hope that they'll reach a new license deal, but we're keeping all of our legal options open.

The legal premise on which Google and Amazon attempted the venture was that users are uploading their own music in the cloud, just as they would on any other device.

However Apple changed the whole scenario by signing agreements with Sony Corp., EMI Music and Warner Music. The report was confirmed by both CNET and Bloomberg.

With the license in place Apple is in a position to offer a service which eliminates the need to upload music to the cloud which is usually a time consuming exercise. Apple can now offer a scan and match service. WSJ reported that under this service a music service first buys a catalog of music from a music label and then scans a user's hard drive to match the files with music stored. It then ascribes the user the right to stream the verified songs to multiple devices.

Amazon's deal on Lady Gaga's album is an attempt to promote its music locker service. Mashable reported that Lady Gaga's single Born This Way was considered the fastest-selling single ever in February on Apple's iTunes store worldwide.