On the day his father, Moammar Gadhafi, was shot and killed by revolutionary fighters who overran his hometown of Sirte, Mutassim Gadhafi died, too.

Mutassim was said to be with his father when they were discovered hiding in a drain under a motorway in Sirte. The deaths of the Libyan dictator and his son brought an end to an eight-month, NATO-backed war.

A senior army officer and security adviser, Mutassim was captured by rebels and later pictured alive, smoking a cigarette and drinking water, The Daily Mail reported. The circumstances surrounding his eventual death are unclear, but a military in Misrata confirmed only that he was dead, shot in the neck and abdomen.

Mutassim is dead. I can confirm it, said Mahmoud Shammam, a government information officer.

Mutassim, Gadhafi's fifth son, formerly served as his father's National Security Advisor, following a jaunt to Egypt after he tried to mastermind a coup against Gadhafi for control of Libya. The two later reconciled.